Landscapers, expand your customer base through the internet

In the age of sustainable development and ecology, the emphasis is mainly on the development of green spaces. We are becoming aware that nature must regain ground and that parks and green spaces must therefore be created and enlarged, to the delight of landscapers. Having a garden is also a luxury in urban environments. Although gardening is within everyone’s reach (with a little good will), some tasks are still difficult to do yourself: pruning, mowing large areas, etc.

The landscaping sector is booming but it is also suffering from market saturation. Competition is multiplying and intensifying, so companies have to redouble their efforts to win contracts. Attempts sometimes in vain if landscapers fail to grasp the basis of an effective and sustainable strategy: INTERNET

Today, 85% of French people have access to the Internet. These are all Internet users who do their research on a daily basis. These are also opportunities and potential customers for a landscaping company. Here are a few basic methods to manage the SEO of your landscaping site and therefore bring more traffic to it.

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Use Adwords

What’s that?

Google Adwords is the flagship of the search engine advertising service. Each search engine has its own advertising service for professionals, for Google it’s Adwords. Using these services means establishing a SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategy and in the case of a landscaping company, this method is quite profitable.

While this technique does of course have a cost, it is very effective and you will get immediate results. You’ll spend an amount of money that you’ve set for yourself to be able to appear in the Google ads at the top of the first results page.

Remember that 91% of clicks are on the first page of Google results. It is therefore in your best interest to position yourself in the first results if you want to reach a minimum number of Internet users. Even if you have to pay a small amount of money, you might as well get immediate results!

How does it work?

The Adwords service is based on keyword bidding. The more competitive a keyword is, the higher its cost per click (CPC) will be. You will therefore have to choose keywords related to your theme such as “pruning”, “Bordeaux landscaper”, etc. and then allocate a cost per click to each one.

If the CPC you have chosen is too low compared to that of your competitors, you take the risk of not appearing in the front page ads. Google will make some CPC suggestions but you will always have the last word on the budget you want to allocate to this Adwords campaign. Once you have chosen all your keywords and associated CPCs, you will only have to wait for customers to come to you.

A keyword is not as effective as you hoped? Don’t panic, you can always change it and even change your whole strategy in a few clicks. If you need help contact Instaon that can set up your first Adwords campaign for lawn care.

Take care of your landing page

An easy to use page

Being in the first Google results is good, but having a site that encourages the user to call on you is better! We won’t learn here how to create a website from A to Z but we will perfect your strategy thanks to the landing page.

The landing page is literally a “landing page”, i.e. it is the page on which the user lands when he clicks on a result.

This page is going to be decisive in his choice of purchase, so it must be easy to use, ergonomic and aesthetic. This page should be a reflection of your landscaping business, so it should reflect care and respect for nature.

In addition, it is important to avoid overloading the page with too much information. A clean style with little text but above all an abundance of images will attract the potential customer more. You don’t need to write a huge paragraph with all the advantages that the customer has to come to you: he won’t read it. Favour photos of your previous achievements, the visual is much more immediate and allows the Internet user to have a direct overview.

A landing page with an old-fashioned design and a bad hierarchy of information is unattractive to the user. It certainly includes the requested categories, but its design and interface need to be reviewed. The font is too small and the information available on the homepage is not essential.

On the contrary, a page that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing will be more appreciated. It is very intuitive and visually displays all the categories and services likely to be of interest to the Internet user. In addition, it gives the possibility to contact the company directly.

Collect contact information

If the potential customer wants to find out more information, you must be able to give them as complete a description of your company and its work as possible. However, this information should not appear on the front page.

On the landing page, you should encourage the potential customer to contact you and make a quote at your company rather than at the competition. And for this, what better than a free online estimate that the Internet user can make at any time of the day or even night? Your landing page will therefore resemble an opt-in page that will allow you to collect the contact details of your prospects.

Don’t hesitate to add a short, concise and clear description of the work you do so that the client doesn’t feel that you are quoting for what your company is not capable of doing.

All you have to do is add links to information pages about your company, a photo gallery of your achievements and a contact page. And that’s it!

Be a pro at local SEO

What’s that?

Local referencing is more and more privileged by Google, and this craze is not about to stop. This method is based on the so-called local searches of Internet users. These requests include a geographical indication such as the commune of the company, the postal code or even the region.

Today, more than 88% of smartphone users make local queries. Who hasn’t looked for a restaurant nearby or a cinema in their town? For a landscaping company the local referencing of the site is essential. Indeed, a private individual living in Strasbourg will seek to contact a landscape gardener who is himself in Strabourg, so he will necessarily make a local search and your company must therefore be positioned locally.

How does it work?

To make your result local, it will often be enough to add the name of your city in the result title. You can also add additional geographic information to your site. Be careful however not to abuse it, you risk being punished by Google!

In addition to being listed at the beginning of the results, you will also benefit from a more visual and attractive display for the Internet user. The local block is made up of three basic elements to inform the client:

  • A map that allows the Internet user to locate the company
  • The name of the company and basic information such as address, opening hours, telephone number and a link to their web page.
  • Customer opinions with a score out of 5 and a commentary

Take advantage of the long tail

What’s that?

Internet users tend to type longer and longer queries. When they exceed three words, these searches are said to be long tail. For example, typing in the search bar “landscaper Lille pruning laying wire mesh” is a long tail.

Contrary to what one might think, the long tail generates 80% of the traffic of a professional website. In other words, 20% of the traffic is generated by generic keywords such as “landscaping Rouen” or “lawn care Lyon”. While the remaining 80% are the result of more precise and targeted searches by Internet users.

Generic keywords are not only a minority in traffic generation, but they are also very difficult to work with because they are very competitive. So it’s in your best interest to turn to the long tail to develop your traffic and give your business a boost.


Enjoying a well-kept garden in good weather is always a real pleasure. Of course, to do this, you have to mow the lawn or maintain the lawn, trim hedges, plant flowers, … To carry out these tasks, it is ideal to benefit from the experience of a company specialising in gardening.

A complete gardening service, from garden design to green space maintenance

Using professional landscaping and gardening companies offers many attractions and advantages. Here is a small, non-exhaustive overview.

  • The layout of the garden and the maintenance of the “green part” of the space.A company specialising in gardening will not limit itself to the maintenance of the garden’s green space (planting, mowing the lawn, etc.) Since the creation and development of the garden(creation of terraces, paved paths, retaining wall,…) until lawn maintenance, lawn mowing, tree pruning, you will have a complete accompaniment.
  • A knowledge and mastery of the different fields of gardening. A gardening company is made up of several landscapers and gardeners who work in different sectors of horticulture. Creation of wooden or stone terraces, laying out of paved paths, creation of flower beds, lawn maintenance,… within the companies, there is a real multidisciplinarity.

Two types of garden maintenance: occasional or recurring gardening

According to your desires, your needs and the work to be carried out in the green space, the garden development company offers two formulas of garden maintenance.

  • The so-called “punctual gardening is the maintenance of the garden that is carried out at certain times of the year, depending on the season or the customer’s request. These include pruning trees at different times of the year, moving hedges, renovating lawns after a rainy season or other work…
  • Recurring gardening. This is a year-round maintenance: spraying fertilizer, pruning flower beds or shaping hedges, cleaning the lawn, etc. This service is usually provided through an annual gardening contract.